Curriculum Vitae

Mashgiach ha’Kashrut
June 2009 – Current

In my capacity as an Orthodox Jew, I have studied Torah Law for over 20 years. Trusted for my knowledge, Young Israel of San Diego, Beth Jacob of San Diego, Dovid Ben Nuchim of Oak Park and Chabad in San Diego, Oak Park and Monterey have all utilized my services as cook, server and supervision. This interest led to Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim Issur v’Heter Rabbinical smicha program and employment with the kosher supervision agency The VAAD of Northern California. Currently, I am involved in the preparation, cooking and serving, as well as the kosher supervision, of the Kosher Food Program at Stanford University. An average Shabbat dinner at The Hillel Center draws 80-100 diners, but during Pesach over 400 were served at 17 different meals!

Information Services
June 2009 – October 2016

Design, build and manage client information systems. Client markets include Financial Services, Professional Services, hosted blogs and Small Businesses. Project management requires Power-User skills in MS Office and Google Docs, advanced spreadsheeting, website creation and maintenance, internet order automation systems and Cloud & Shared Hosting Environments, implementation and use of online toolsets, with maintenance of multiple accounts, and strong interpersonal and telephone skills.

Interactive Media Developer
March 1993 – June 2009

Employed by a variety of companies including Compton’s New Media, MediaShare, Bien Logic, David Carson Design, Chapman Warwick Agency, SiteLab Interactive,, Elemental and Adobe Software. Global focus of projects was Information Architecture and Graphic User Interface design. Have participated in many interactive media offerings as a designer and production artist, database and network administrator and project manager. Implemented client ideas and needs into an actual product which was promoted through traditional print media, advertising, and online social media channels.

Editor in Chief
June 1985 – May 1993

As a college-trained journalist, I worked with a few publicatons interviewing, copywriting and editing. As editor-in-chief, I managed the news server workstations and prepress operations. Novell and AppleTalk ruled the network. UNIX and Linux certification came soon thereafter. My career switched to information architecture and, after attaining another degree, graphical user interface design and database driven backend solutions. I have had an active Apache webserver online ever since. These skills are utilized today as a client content creator and as the author of a few regular self-published techblogs.

Networking and Technical Support
January 1985 – March 1993

Provided on-site tech and remote sales support (travel, telephone and email) for a financial services wholesalers, including the world’s largest securities broker dealer. Installed, connected, tested and trained office staff on use of new server softwares as they were implemented. Acted as Novell and MSDOS Network Administrator to the internal and external users, while designing, building and maintaining the firm’s public and account sensitive websites. Extreme multi-tasking and focus was a crucial strength, and my life-long technical background (Apple II) was certainly a big plus.

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