Beshellach: My Own Private Idaho

This week we see that the Jews were to leave Egypt armed. This people, who saw firsthand the might and wonder of Hashem during the plagues, should of had every assurance that they would be protected in the desert. So, what’s with the weapons of protection and aggression?

I learned an interesting idea about this last week. We have to do as we must if we want Hashem’s help. Whatever your thing is, getting to minyan, watching your temper, temptations of all sorts, we alone can protect ourselves and do the right thing.

Our sword is the words of the sages, the advice of our elders and classic works of mussar that guide us in the proper path. With free will we are masters of our destiny.

Chazal asks why didn’t they bring food as well? sure, they had matzah, but who can live on that 🙂

The thing is, there was no way to bring enough food anyway. They had to just give up and trust in Hashem. Indeed, they never hungerd or lacked for safety in to 40-year adventure.

Being on the other side of the continent from my home town, melting snow everywhere, I considered my position. I gave all to chase my dreams, knowing that it would be ok. Things turned out different than expected, but so goode!

Never would I have moved to Oak Park MI other than the spell of bewitchment I was under. Now, I have work, learning, shuls, food, friends and options. Most of all, I am my own man, supporting myself with the abilities and opportunities Hashem gives me. In return I do the things I want to do anyway as best I can.

As Beshellach says, “when we stand up,” we too stand armed and ready to do our part. As for our provision and safety, it’s simply one foot in front of the other. Eventually, we’ll get to where we are going.

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  1. You are very chubby says:

    You have a lot to learn, you are still young and have your whole life ahead of you wrinkle faced boy!

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