What’s a Man to Do? Road Trip!

Road Trippin’ Yo!

I have serious misgivings about leaving Oak Park and moving back to San Diego.This place has been so good for me spiritually, financially and emotionally that it seems crazy to take the backward step. The circumstances that brought me to Oak Park are much the same as those that are causing me to go. Love and responsibility can make a man do all sorts of things. I’ve learned a lot during this chapter that I can take with me wherever I go in life.

So, all that being said… ROAD TRIP!

I told my daughter to pick five cities to map the route. We both wanted New Orleans, but that was in the wrong direction since she also wanted Kansas City. I wanted Austin TX and Hot Springs AR, but  that adds 12 hours and nearly 900 miles to the straight shot from K.C. to Albuquerque.

Finally, she conceded that she only wanted Kansas City because Richard Hell described it so beautifully in Go Now. So I vetoed into St. Louis to avoid De Moines, but that left Oklahoma City.

Founds lots of pretty climbing spots to visit, and Saphira wants to see the Grand Canyon. Finally, a night in Joshua Tree to finish things off right.

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