The Job Market is Tough These Days!

Even retail employment applications can be streamlined with technology

Yesterday, as I filled out an employment application by hand to a store on the corner, I was trawling through my phone contacts for 10-year-old information and thought to myself “there has to be a better way” and opened up a browser.

There isn’t anything that can’t be found on the internet these days, and this was no exception. A simple google search for “Big 5 Employment Application” brought a link to a fillable .pdf file on the Big 5 server. Sweet! Now they won’t have to decipher my intelligible handwriting, since all the information can be typed in and printed.

This time around, I searched the web for addresses and phone numbers for recent and distant employers and just pasted the findings into the .pdf file for printing. Here, I was glad to have the full app instead of just the reader in that I had better control of the typography.

Saving the filled forms was a trick. The file was coded to disallow saving the filled fields, so I outputted to paper (which I needed to submit anyway) and scanned it as a .pdf file for upload storage.

Pretty much every important file I create is backed up on Google Docs. Security used to bother me, until I chanted the mantra “Google is not Evil” and got over it. Due to this, I have a cavalier attitude toward virus infection. On my Mac, it’s a non-issue due to its OS kernal design that makes infection virtually impossible. My PC can crash all it wants, and does. It has faulty hardware anyway and will end up in the trash like all its predecessors. Worst case scenario is reinstalling windows, since my data is stored externally.

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